Steps to perform Abbott / eMed BinaxNow COVID-19 Registered Certified Antigen Home Test


BinaxNow COVID-19 Certified Antigen Home Test

You’ve purchased a BinaxNow COVID-19 Home Test kit. Now what?

First, a disclaimer: 

  1.  The information provided in this article  is for educational purposes only, and does not act as a substitute for professional medical advice.
  2.  Users should consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if they’re seeking medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment.
  3. I am not a healthcare professional.

Having said that, the Abbott BinaxNow COVID-19 test kit process results in certified / registered test results by using an teleconference utilizing a medical test guide.  It is generally used to prove that you’ve taken the COVID-19 test for employers, travel, etc.

General information:

– You will get your test results via a verification email within 30 minutes or fewer after completing the test.

– Print out the eMed email. It contains all the required certification / registration information. The results are also available via your NAVICA/eMed account (see more below).

– The test preparation process can take some time … based on your skills installing and using APPS, PCs, and cameras.

– This process I am discussing uses a smartphone and a PC / MAC. The smartphone is used for the required NAVICA APP and the PC (with a camera) is used separately to conveniently record the entire session with the medical test guide to assure them that there is no deception during the test.

Everything during th esession must be video recorded by the guide person. The test kit must be visible with no visual interruption for the entire session – which could take ½ hour or more (due to opening, prepping, waiting an additional  15 minutes for the result, etc.).  I suppose you could use a smartphone camera, but it complicates things a bit. You would need a stationary holder for the smartphone for the entire session that records the TEST CARD (see below) and process. This way cheating is avoided – to make sure the test kit is not swapped out for another, etc.

P.S. You are likely going to be connected to a guide whose native language is not English. Make sure you completely understand all of their instructions before taking any actions during the test.

– FYI:  eMed Technical Support : 1-833-637-1594




– Download the NAVICA APP to your smartphone.

– You’ll also need a PC with a functioning camera to interface with the medical test guide and capture every aspect of your testing 

– Create an account for yourself on the NAVICA APP. You can add other people to your account who also need testing. [SETTINGS : MANAGED PROFILES : ADD MANAGED PROFILE]

– Download a free QR code reader if you need it.

– Have a pair of scissors handy to open the white test plastic pouch when asked to do so

– You’ll need an acceptable picture ID such as a passport to show to your guide

– Wash or sanitize your hands before the test. Make sure your hands are dry.

– Put on gloves if you have them – not required.


When you are ready to take the BinaxNow COVID-19 ag Home Test:


– Open NAVICA APP and select “I Have A Test”

– Use the smartphone to scan the QR code on the UNOPENED test box. If the QR scan does not work, tap “Select from a list” and manually select ‘BinaxNow COVID-19 Ag Home Test.’

– Tap “Test with eMed”

– Then go to on your PC 

– Click LOGIN

– Click “I want to start testing”

– Click “Login with NAVICA”

– Enter your NAVICA login credentials and SIGNIN

– Click ALLOW for eMed to receive your personal information from the NAVICA APP.

– Indicate who in your account will be taking this test and fill out a page of qualifying questions for that person.


– It will take a few moments to connect to the eMed server.

– Once connected, the eMed program will check your PC device to make sure it meets all technical requirements. If there is a glitch in your system, here’s the eMed technical support number again:  1-833-637-1594

– Once your machine’s tech qualifications pass, you’ll be asked if you want to start the test, click YES or CONTINUE.

– Wait until you are connected with a certified medical test guide. This will take an undetermined number of minutes based on where you are located in their testing queue.

– Once connected, the guide will ask to see your ID – hold it up to your camera.

NOTE: The guide person will take you through all the details of the following steps … I’m just providing them here for your pre-test information.

– Display your UNOPENED test box on a flat surface in front of your PC. You may have to adjust your camera to show it properly to the guide.  Your test materials must be in the guide’s view for the entire session.

– Open the box. It has a clear seal on the edge – you may need your scissors. The box contains several packages discussed below.

– The guide will ask you to take out the white plastic package that contains the TEST CARD. Use scissors to carefully open it up.

– Take out the TEST CARD and open it up like a book handling it by its edges. DO NOT touch anything inside the TEST CARD… doing so may contaminate it and the test will be ruined.

– Place the TEST CARD on a flat surface in front of your PC in full view of the guide and make sure the two small holes on the inside of the TEST CARD are to your right.

– You are then going to open the small white plastic fluid bottle and put 6 drops of that fluid into the TOP hole in the TEST CARD. Do not touch the TEST CARD with the tip of the fluid container and make sure no fluid gets into the bottom hole.

– Open the long swab package and grab it by it’s handle… make sure you do not touch the swab itself on anything or the test will be ruined.

– Insert the swab completely at least an inch into your left nostril and make a circular motion five times rubbing the swab around in your nostril

– Repeat that process in your right nostril and move the swab circularly five times

– Insert the swab into the lower hole of the TEST CARD at a flat angle and press it in until it moves into the top hole.

– Twirl the swab stick three times to absorb the fluid.

– Peel off the sticky tab on the right side of the TEST CARD. Fold the LEFT side to the right side and seal the TEST CARD. Keep the TEST CARD flat.

– Now, you leave the TEST CARD unmoved and untouched for 15 minutes. 

– Your guide will now start a 15 minute timer and sign off. A new guide will join you in 15 minutes.

– Feel free to move away, but make sure you are back in front of the camera in 15 minutes when the next guide comes on. The TEST CARD must be in view of the PC camera for the entire 15 minutes, laying flat and unobstructed from view and untouched.

– An audio alert will go off after 15 minutes are up. Click the “I am ready” button.

– A new guide will then connect with you.

– This person will ask you to hold the TEST CARD up to the camera so that they can scan the TEST CARD QR code.

– They will give you the results which you will confirm.

– Throw away all the materials

– Print out the eMed verification email when you receive it. The results will also be available on your NAVICA APP/eMed website.

– Done!


Check out this helpful Youtube video from the “GO TRAVEL” channel: