Excel and .csv lesson learned… Includes painful waste of time, unfortunately.

I found out that when you export data in .csv format from #Excel make sure you don’t have a trailing space after any column names. They are exported as “col_name ” with the space AND quotes. Beware when using them to index your array! They will fail. Simply delete any hidden spaces in your column names before exporting. Please. For your own sanity. #DataAnalytics #ERROR #painful lesson.

Peter Bakke DOH!

Debugging Javascript – one useful tool

Here’s an idea for displaying those pesky ephemeral variables that come and go like ghosts in JavaScript. Check this out. I
want to know if I’m reading in a CSV file properly or not. You can use for any variable / array / object.


// Read in a .csv file
d3.csv(“../datafile.csv”, function(someData) {


function debugMe(whateverData) {

// ‘Sum Ages’ is a variable in row zero of passed var ‘whateverData’
document.getElementById(“debug”).innerHTML = “Debug: ” + whateverData[0][‘Sum Ages’].toString()


<p id=”debug”></p>