New Authors like Me Can’t Advertise on Google or Facebook Because Content is Related to President Trump / Election


Updated 01/26/2021:

As a new author doing my own advertising, I can’t create ads on either Google or Facebook for my new book of parody “Concerning Trump” – with no end in sight for the ad restrictions.

The ad bans are related to the 2020 presidential election – which by the way was fair and perhaps the most secure American election – ever.

Don’t take my word for it, Trump’s top cyber security guy said so. Then was fired.

In any case, I await some word from the Galactic Overlords at Google and Facebook to let lowly peons like me promote our product.

So, I just jump through the galactic hoops and wait. And wait.

This is the America we live in now.

We have arrived at a place where the overlords have to stop both Liberals and Conservatives from advertising because we are so polarized as a society.

When will it end? How will it end?  

Here’s a quote from my book that pretty much sums up what Trump has done to and continues to do to our  wonderful country:

      • Trump recklessly stokes dangerous parts of America, in a country that already worships aggression.

See the screencaps below which show the ad restrictions and that one has to verify your identity as well.

Google ad ban for anything 2020 presidential election related - peter bakke
Google ad ban for anything 2020 presidential election-related.
Facebook ad ban for anything presidential election related 2020 - peter bakke
Facebook ad ban for anything presidential election-related 2020

Fox News Website Fixated on Death

fox bad news

The Fox News website’s obsession with death far exceeds that of its rival MSNBC and outpaces the sensationalistic National Enquirer website. 

A month-long analysis of the Fox News website ( reveals that its headlines and homepage text contain far more instances of terminology related to death when compared to MSNBC (

The Fox News website statistically exceeds MSNBC in the use of root words such as “kill,” “murder,” “fatality,” “death,” “dead,” and “suicide.”

The site presents death-related words an average of almost 13 times a day on its homepage, while MSNBC uses the same words an average of once a day.

Peter Bakke, the study’s author and former newspaper executive, commented, “There’s an old adage in the news business, ‘If it bleeds, it leads.’ The Fox News website uses death-related terms a great deal. The numbers are remarkable and are an indication that Fox News editors know what type of news attracts their audience. Clearly, Fox News’ readers have an affinity for news more like that of the National Enquirer than hard news found on other national news sites.”

Bakke added, “Click analysis is telling Fox News editors and ececutives what their readers like to read. And obviously death sells. If you visit the Fox News website right now, you’ll likely find not one, but several sensational articles about death.”

The frequency of death-related terms on the Fox News website (13 times per day) even exceeds that of the National Enquirer (12 times per day).

Data appears below for terms associated with the various root word topics for each of three websites in the month-long study. The sample consisted of 23 random same-day observations over a 31-day period.

The study was performed by Peter Bakke of Tucson, AZ, who is a former newspaper executive. Contact information is below.

Various word root usage from the month-long study of,, :

Average use per day   12.61    3.00  1.43
 Std. Dev    4.91     2.95  1.41
MSNBC NEWS      TERM     DEATH-related        TERM     ‘DEMOCRAT’  TERM        ‘REPUBLICAN’
Average use per day    1.35    1.87  1.32
Std. Dev    1.15    2.10  1.36
NATIONAL ENQUIRER      TERM    DEATH-related       


Average use per day    11.73    0.00  0.00
Std. Dev    4.61    0.00  0.00


Peter Bakke

Tucson, AZ


peter @