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B.S. in Computer Systems Applications (Technology Management), American University, Washington, D.C.; MS in International Relations from Troy University; Doctoral level courses in Management and Organizational Change, Walden University; Project Management Professional (PMI Certified); 24 credit hours of master’s level courses at Binghamton University in the field of Systems Science; 18 graduate credit hours in Management from Troy University and the University of Phoenix; Masters Certificate in Internet Marketing, Univ. San Francisco; Arizona Educator Proficiency Examination in American and World History; Pima Community College Teacher Certification.


Author of Concerning Trump: A Parody Book of Historical Quotes.  

A Somber and Sometimes Outrageous Parody of Historical Quotes Reimagined for the Trump Era.

See a sample of parody quotes at the end of this page.

I was brought up in a military, Republican family and have been a Democrat since I was able to vote. Go figure. I am a Hubert Humphrey, Paul Wellstone Democrat (with a conservative streak – yes we are a thing) who cares for the plight of other people as we all struggle through this thing called life.

I had a moral awakening as a teenager that was essentially formed by a book which I read when I was 13 years old. It was a plain, gray-colored book with no dust cover sitting on my grandmother’s bookshelf in the tiny burg of Gaylord, Minnesota. It looked quite boring, frankly, but I knew it was one of those ‘adult’ books that I had yet to start reading and something about the title intrigued me. I was forever changed by reading it. The novel was about good and evil. It was about man’s inhumanity to man. It was about justice and injustice. It was about innocence and depravity. It was about truth and the people who pervert it to their unjust ends. It was about love and bitter hate. It was about the human condition. It was Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

My life motto is to live and let live. The Golden Rule is not a cliche.

A corollary to that perspective, however, is to never, ever give in to those who want to take away your morally grounded rights or the similarly foundational rights of others.

In a world of social and economic inequality, it breaks my heart to read or watch the news every single fucking day.  I am reminded of Arthur Schopenhauer’s famous quote:

“If God made the world, I would not be that God, for the misery of the world would break my heart.”

In our United States there are 16 million children who go hungry. In the richest country in the history of the world! Why can’t we assure that children have enough to eat? That they are clothed and sheltered?

What can we do about all the misery? What can we do about the poor? The disenfranchised? The sick? The uninsured? The hungry?

Those questions should inform our daily living and affect our relations with other people on this planet.

But, do we give a damn? What are you doing to help?

Volunteer. Donate. Vote.

Here’s a sample from my book “Concerning Trump” Parody Quotes:

Aitken, Max

Trump has in him the stuff of which tyrants are made.


No one is more dangerous than Trump, who has an idea and only one idea.

Albee, Edward

Trump has no sense of humor.

Alcott, Louisa May

Trump, the lord of creation, does not take the advice of experts until he has persuaded himself that it is just what he intended to do; then he acts upon it and if it succeeds, he takes full credit; if it fails, he generously gives the experts the whole of it.


The voice of Trump is the voice of God.

al-Fayed, Mohamed

Trump barks, but the caravan passes on.

Some of Trump’s loyalists have asked if they can be buried with him. Certainly, but space is limited. It will cost $10 million per person, mummification is $1 million extra and you must be prepared to rest for eternity standing up. 

Alexander I

Trump, that infernal creature who is the curse of all the human race, becomes every day more and more abominable.

Alfonso X

Had Trump been present at the Creation, he would have given some hints for the ordering of the universe.

Allen, Fred

I have just returned from Mar-a-Lago. It is the only thing to do if you find yourself there.

President Trump is a form of executive fungus that has attached itself to the Oval Office. On a boat this growth would be called a barnacle.

Allen, Woody

Trump cannot listen to that much Wagner. He starts getting the urge to conquer Poland.

Trump thinks the presidency pays. The hours are good. You travel a lot.

Trump may get re-elected. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.

Trump has a terrific story about oral contraception. He asked a girl for a date and she said “no.”

Altgeld, J.P. 

No community can be said to possess local self-government if Trump can, at his pleasure, send military forces to patrol its streets under the pretense of enforcing some arbitrary laws.

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