Favorite quote about the power of children’s imagination – by Arthur Rackam

“I can only say that I firmly believe in the greatest stimulating and educative power of imaginative, fantastic, and playful pictures and writings for children in their most impressionable years – a view that most unfortunately, I consider, has its opponents in these matter-of-fact days. Children will make no mistake in the way of confusing the imaginative and symbolic with actual. Nor are they blind to decorative or abstractly designed treatment in art, any more than they are to poetic or rhythmic form in literature. And it must be insisted on that nothing less than the best that can be had, cost what it may (and it hardly can be cheap), is good enough for those early impressionable years when standards are formed for life. Any accepting, or even choosing art or literature of a lower standard as good enough for children is a disastrous and costly mistake. ” – Arthur Rackham

                    Sangreal by Arthur Rackham