Talking Astronomy with my Friend in Nairobi, Kenya

Illumination of Earth by Sun at the northern s...
Illumination of Earth by Sun at the northern solstice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[10:55:03 AM] Peter Bakke: Still rainy there?
[10:55:35 AM] Brighton : Yes, this is normally a wet month till August
[10:55:47 AM] Peter Bakke: Send some my way haha
[10:55:50 AM] Brighton : It will be raining every day
[10:57:28 AM] Peter Bakke: Question: based on my knowledge of astronomy, when you look at the sun [when you can see it haha] this time of year, is it about 2 fists at arm length [23 degrees] north of directly overhead. Am I right?
[10:57:49 AM] Peter Bakke: It is in the north
[10:57:58 AM] Brighton : Yes, you are right
[10:58:03 AM] Peter Bakke: woo hoo !
[10:58:23 AM] Peter Bakke: I’ve NEVER seen the sun in that position.
[10:58:32 AM] Peter Bakke: never been near the equator
[10:58:45 AM] Brighton: I see, you are an expert in astronomy
[10:59:18 AM] Peter Bakke: … Astronomy is a hobby that one can conduct thought experiments with every day (night) – which I love.
[10:59:20 AM] Brighton : Welcome to Kenya, You will be seeing the sun over the head every day
[11:00:16 AM] Peter Bakke: haha – yes! +/- 23 degrees from directly overhead… in 6 months the sun will be the same distance to the south…. Astronomy is a cool, free game full of

predictions and confirmations!