How to use as a simulation tool

The If/Then/Else simulation structure in can be implemented this way
Create a single choice question on page 1, such as:

You are an Ambassador from which country?

Visualisation of ghost cells.
Visualisation of ghost cells. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A England
B Germany
C France
Once the question is created, edit it and click on LOGIC
For each question selected you can then specify to jump to a specific page.
For example,
IF England jump to page 2 (containing text simulating an accord specific to England)
Else If Germany jump to page 4 (containing text simulating an accord specific to Germany)
Else If France jump to page 6 (containing text simulating an accord specific to France)
Page 7 resumes for all
and you can ask a summative question like,”Based on the document you just read, do you believe war is likely?” Y / N
Set up pages 3 and 5 to jump automatically to page 7 in order to skip the Germany and France pages. Page 6 naturally drops to page 7 after the France page is displayed  
I hope that makes some sense – It’s not perfect, a bit awkward, and the results have to be interpreted carefully, but it can work!