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Question from a new digital marketer


I’m a new digital marketer.  Let me ask you this. If I go back to him and tell him I can’t do it for $200 a month but offer a different price, in your experience, how many posts a day or week helps increase the most reach. I know, there is no hard and fast rule but if he comes back and asks how often would we need to post to see some results, how would you answer that?

PA Bakke
10:01 AM (0 minutes ago)

Hello Jim,

Please define “results” first … You need to know where you are going on the map before you can plan the trip.

To carry on the analogy, it sounds pretty obvious that this guy does not know a THING about maps, planes, trains, or automobiles, but just wants to arrive at the destination (which is… ?)

For example:

1 lead a week will require effort/cost A
10 leads a week will require B


1 new email subscriber a week will require effort/cost C
10 new email subscribers a week will require effort/cost D


Cheers, Pete