Do the TWIST 

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¬†Some of my favorite movie plot twists (I don’t want to spoil any films you may not have seen, so read with care): North by Northwest: Grace Kelly is actually an FBI informant who is found out by bad guys (James Mason and Martin Landau). Easter egg, in the shooting scene at the Mt. Rushmore […]


Jerome Davis : World Traveler Promotes tours for Peace

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By Betty Knosler Lake-Sumter Sentinel Tuesday, January 22, 1963 CLERMONT – Sociologist, educator, world traveler, (war correpondent – Ed.), and lecturer would only begin to describe Dr. Jerome Dwight Davis, winter visitor to Clermont. Dr. Davis, born in Kyoto, Japan, of Congregationalist missionaries (Father: Jerome Dean Davis – Ed.) near the turn of the century, […]