Let Them Eat Cake – 2019 rendition

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As the political climate festers, the world climate boils, Republicans once again attempt to take healthcare away from millions, and the poor get poorer… here’s a look at how the 0.01 percent party (just a tiny sample). Where’s Marie Antoinette when you need her? Ain’t it all so sumptuously scandalous, shameless, and shocking? The irony […]


When the U.S. Government Lies, Democracy Dies

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1960 may have been the year when public trust in the United States government began its long, fitful descent into the dark abyss of mistrust in which we now find ourselves. Strangely, the U.S. government’s slide towards the dark side of deceit might have begun in the modern era with a straight-shooting president:  Ike. President […]