The Eclipse That Made Einstein Famous

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Before 1919, cosmology was as subjective as art history. A solar eclipse and a patent clerk’s equations (Albert Einstein) changed everything. The Eddington experiment was an observational test of General Relativity, organized by the British astronomers Frank Watson Dyson and Arthur Stanley Eddington in 1919. The observations were of the total solar eclipse of 29 May 1919 and were carried out by two […]


Listen to the words of wisdom

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I just want to live in a sane, global, civil society where religion no longer divides human beings from one another. It is time we recognized that we are all members of the same sect: humanity.  – Sam Harris     “O my children! my poor children! Listen to the words of wisdom, Listen to the […]


Let Them Eat Cake – 2019 rendition

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As the political climate festers, the world climate boils, Republicans once again attempt to take healthcare away from millions, and the poor get poorer… here’s a look at how the 0.01 percent party (just a tiny sample). Where’s Marie Antoinette when you need her? Ain’t it all so sumptuously scandalous, shameless, and shocking? The irony […]